Our approach

We thrive on being different – not for the sake of different, rather in finding new ways to sustainably solve complex problems. Diversity of thought and deep insight is in our DNA. We carefully select who we work with to ensure sustainable outcomes can be delivered.


Our approach is mutli-disciplinary drawing upon data, behavioural science, technology with practical mining operational experience applied. So we don’t fit into a neat box and nor do your challenges because people, culture and technology are blended – just like us.

We believe that no one organisation holds all solutions to the challenges you face. That’s why we have a core team of partners and companies around the world that we combine to develop customised solutions. Solutions that deliver sustainable growth.


Our approach delivers sustainable growth by building your internal capabilities. Yes, we have some smart tools, technology, people and approaches to compliment your team. However, one of our success measures is for you to not call us again (to solve the same challenge). We create sustainable growth not dependency. 


Find out more about our insights into managing the challenges of today and the future of mining.

We hear a lot about diversity. So much so that some say it is old news. Others say that gender diversity is negatively affecting men and their opportunities. The fact is that we as

How we can help


Discover more about our world-class portfolio of mining education programs and tools covering: Leadership, Safety, Diversity & Inclusion, Operational Readiness, Continuous Improvement and Executive Coaching.

We provide technology integration services drawing upon access to over 250 technology companies to find out more about solving your decarbonisation challenges.

Our mutli-disciplinary approach to solving your people, culture and technology challenges draws upon data, behavioural science combined with practical mining operational experience. Our consulting services build your internal capabilities to deliver sustainable growth.

As specialists in behavioural change communications, find out more about how our approach can help drive your internal workforce engagement and the sustainable adoption of technology and change.