Mining Leaders Group announce Indigenous scholarship

Mining Leaders Group is proud to announce a new scholarship to help drive Indigenous women in leadership in the Mining and Energy sector. For every four placements onto the Empower program, they will be offering one Indigenous scholarship, valued at just below $7000.

Managing Director Brett Cunningham says that Mining Leaders Group are committed to creating a better mining sector by making a shift in female workforce participation and in creating a more inclusive workforce.

“As a sector, only 16% of our workforce are women, even fewer are in leadership roles, executive positions and on boards. We want to ensure that we are creating and sustaining the benefits of the gender shift in mining,” he said.

Last year, Mining Leaders Group introduced the EMPOWER program to their portfolio. Led by Rosemary Howard, the program was developed to accelerate the development of a wide range of leadership capabilities in women at all levels, each participant, their company, and the resources sector. 

The EMPOWER program is designed to;

  • optimise participants’ leadership of self and others
  • build awareness of the consequences of unintended unconscious gender bias and ways to overcome negative impacts through effective deliberate practice
  • optimise the contribution women can make to optimise the overall value created by mining in the future.

To find out more about the EMPOWER program, visit the program page.