Our approach

Like you, we recognise the critical importance effective communications play in successful change initiatives.
It is such a core ingredient that is often overlooked that we’ve built our own communications capability to support our clients.

Communication strategy & plans

Drawing on the data and insight we develop strategic yet practical communications strategy and plans to support the sustainable adoption of technology and change.

Communication campaigns

Working with our creative partners we develop and support our clients in delivering engaging communication campaigns drawing on all relevant channels for communicating to the workforce at mine sites and head office. We help cut through the noise and busyness to drive engagement.

Brand positioning & activation

We understand the complexity in communicating and positioning mining companies effectively with shareholders, capital markets, communities, supply chain and partners and the workforce.

Drawing on our experience within the mining and across sectors, we guide the process and strategy to develop your brand positioning in the market.

Employer brand

With a tight labor market, we support clients in refining and positioning their brand and employee value proposition to attract talent. Similarly, we work on retention strategies and campaigns for the current workforce.

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