We help solve your people, culture and technology challenges to deliver sustainable growth.

Our approach

Our multi-disciplinary approach to solving your people, culture and technology challenges draws upon data, behavioural science combined with practical mining operational experience. Our consulting services build your internal capabilities to deliver sustainable growth.

We specialise in supporting our mining clients in:

  • Strategy & Change
  • Safety Culture & Systems
  • Culture & Inclusion
  • Leadership performance tools
  • Operational readiness & continuous improvement
  • Technology integration & adoption
  • Decarbonisation

Strategy & Change

We help you connect purpose, strategy and life of mine plans to ever person in your workforce and supply chain. Our approach to strategy involves building the clarity and capabilities to deliver while shaping the culture to sustain performance.

Strategies for sustainable growth

In partnership with your leadership team, we apply scenario planning to test the sustainability of your business model and strategy to develop a detailed roadmap of strategic initiatives to navigate and deliver sustainable performance.

Operational planning and performance

In partnership with your operational leadership, we coach and guide the operational planning process to connect purpose, strategy, budgets and plans into everyday actions and performance.

Technology and transformational change

We apply our behavioural science tools coupled with strong project management and communication capabilities to support technology and transformational change initiatives.

Safety culture & systems

We specialise in shaping safety culture and behaviours through a customised approach to your operation. We apply our proprietary measurement tools, diagnostics and coaching to support the safety journey and improvement of every person at site. We have significant experience working in developing countries and operating within national cultures and belief systems.

Safety climate and culture measurement

We customise the measurement of your safety culture and performance based on the psychology of safety and practical operational mining experience.

Safety Management Systems

We develop integrated safety management systems to support the delivery, monitoring and reporting of safe work practices and standards. This includes digitising processes and tools to provide better visibility and management of lead and lag safety performance indicators.

Culture & Inclusion

Our customised approach to the measurement of your culture and engagement is a flagship service of Mining Leaders Group. Our team of behavioural analysts and consultants support you through the journey of shaping culture and building a respectful and inclusive organisisation.

Culture & engagement survey

We measure and benchmark your culture and engagement to align your workforce, leadership, culture and strategy.

Respect & inclusion

We research, measure and develop interventions to support your organisation’s progression along the diversity and inclusion maturity journey by building a respectful and inclusive organisation.

Operational readiness & continuous improvement

Whether at concept stage, ramp up or full production, together with our partners in engineering, water, indigenous engagement, environmental monitoring and workforce training (RTO), we can support your operational readiness and continuous improvement needs.

Workforce planning

We assess and define your Workforce Plan matched to your Project Development and Life of Mine Plans. This ensures you have the right number of people, with the right capabilities, ready at the right time, operating safely to the right standards.

Operational readiness

We support you in sourcing and developing strategic capabilities including engineering, water, indigenous engagement, environmental monitoring and workforce training (RTO), to develop your project and ramp up your operation to full production.

Continuous improvement

We apply our behavioural science tools coupled with ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act’ to build the capabilities of your workforce to identify and deliver improvement initiatives and for leaders to manage the performance cycle.

Technology integration & adoption

We provide technology sourcing, integration and adoption services drawing upon access to over 250 technology companies matched to your needs. We often integrate multiple companies, data sources and platforms into a single interface.

Technology adoption

We provide technology adoption assessment and implementation services to enable successful technology and change initiatives.

Dashboard reporting

Drawing across multiple systems and data sources, we develop insightful PowerBI dashboard reporting.


Through our partners at Greenhouse, we can run global challenges to help you source solutions to decarbonise your operations.

Data driven leadership
performance tools

We provide a portfolio of proprietary assessment tools that can be customised to your organisational and operational requirements. This includes:

  • Custom 360° feedback survey and reporting
  • Custom Assessment Centre
  • Diversity & Inclusion assessment and pulse survey
  • Culture & Engagement measurement survey
  • Safety Culture measurement survey


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