Top 5 things to look for when updating your skills in the mining sector

Often when I’m in the car with my son Lucas we talk about what he wants to do when he grows ups.  His usual answer is that he wants to be a YouTuber.  On this one occasion though, he thought about it for a bit longer and said to me “Dad my job hasn’t been created yet”.  What we can all learn from Lucas is that we need to stop and reflect on how our roles have evolved in the past 10 years and where we see it going in the future.

As a skilled worker in the mining sector, have you been paying attention to the changes happening in your workplace and how they affect you? Has your role evolved over the past five years and do you consider yourself ready for the jobs of the future?

These are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself if you want to keep your skills updated for what’s fast approaching the sector.   We all know that Industry 4.0 is changing the way businesses function and, by extension, the way they are forced to compete. But have you thought about how you can keep up with the skills required for the future?

Here are the top 5 skills you should be focusing on according to the The Future of Jobs Report 2018 – WEF – World Economic Forum.

  1. Complex problem solving.
  2. Critical thinking.
  3. People management.
  4. Emotional intelligence.
  5. Judgement and decision making.

At Mining Leaders Group, we can help you with updating the skills you need for the future.  Have a look at our Leadership Programs to see what’s possible.