MinTech companies engage with key mining clients in WA

Mining Leaders Group and five of their MinTech Accelerator companies travelled to Perth, Kalgoorlie and Leonoralast month to present their technologies to key Mining clients, FMG, Roy Hill and St Barbara.  The visit was facilitated as part of the Mining Leaders Accelerator program currently underway.

Mining Leaders Group General Manager, Dominic Stoll, said that the opportunity to present to and engage with senior leaders from these key organisations was an important part of helping both the MinTech companies and the mining organisations leverage Industry 4.0.

“With the mining sector currently in the midst of Industry 4.0, it’s important for organisations to think strategically about the future and facilitating connections with mining companies that are primed to absorb technology is a vital part of that.

We understand how organisation’s resources are limited, so we are grateful that FMG, Roy Hill and St Barbara could make the time to meet with us and our MinTech companies,” Dominic said.