Perth and Kalgoorlie turn out for Innovation Showcase

Mining Leaders Group had a great turn out from the Industry for the Perth and Kalgoorlie Mining Innovation Showcases in February.  Attendees heard from five of our MinTech companies about how they are driving sector productivity and the current opportunities Industry 4.0 is presenting in key mining markets.

Participants of the evening had this to say;

It’s really exciting to see what they are doing today as part of the mining innovation network.  It’s really great to see some really cool start-ups coming through. Also as we move forward, it’s great to see the mining industry finally adopting to change.

I think it’s a really fascinating program.  It’s great to hear about the very different innovations.  I think the other thing that I really liked was the leadership aspect of it, so training the next leaders is really important.  Not just to have technical skills but to have those leadership skills.

Mining is a slow, slow, slow industry and now it’s suddenly realising it can’t be that anymore.  Technology is changing far too fast, our base knowledge is increasing tenfold every year or so and the rise of AI and efficient automation is on our doorstop.  And the mining industry has to adapt to it in order to be a competitive industry nowadays.  Productivity can skyrocket, safety will go up.