Mining Leaders Institute will equip you with the skills and capabilities to be ready to move into a general management or senior leadership position.

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program overview

OPTIMISE is a practical program which leverages deep capability assessment to build future-ready leaders who can optimise today’s operations and manage tomorrow’s challenges.

To strengthen the leadership pipeline to the General Manager level, OPTIMISE has been designed to build future ready leaders with the capabilities to optimise today’s operations and respond to future challenges.

OPTIMISE is a practical program that will help you

  • Improve your capabilities and mindset to optimise today’s operational performance and respond to future business needs;

  • Transition from technical manager (IQ) to a high-performance business leader (EQ);

  • Proactively lead optimisation projects and transformational change within your company; and

  • Improve your ability to influence and effectively communicate across teams and departments to drive productivity and value creating behaviour - safely.


Applications close: 15th Feb 2019

Module One: 11th Mar 2019, Module Two: 26th Aug 2019

Location Brisbane

Who should attend Experienced operational and technical managers and senior leaders who have the potential to move into a general management position.

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An understanding of the business is fundamental to managing the key value drivers for an operation. OPTIMISE will holistically review the mining value chain and focus you on where and how value can be unlocked today. You will select and apply OPTIMISE tools to a significant Optimisation Project at your current workplace throughout the program to create immediate, sustained value for your company.


A perennial challenge for organisations and leaders is managing today’s business while simultaneously creating the future. OPTIMISE will show you the global mega trends, sector trends, emerging technology and the changing nature of work to identify opportunities for new value and step changes in future operating models. To connect the future with operations of today, you will build capabilities based on the future of mining and work which includes strategic scenario planning, innovation and leading transformational change. You will work on a Sector Transformation Project throughout the program to help create long term, sustained value.


The bedrock of OPTIMISE is in creating high performance leaders with the capabilities to drive the current and future performance. OPTIMISE incorporates a highly applied series of diagnostics, experiential challenges and holistic performance coaching to drive behavioural change.




We help build the capabilities to transition to the future. This means working with people and businesses to define and develop new operating models, creating and adopting new technology and building the services and leadership capabilities to successfully navigate and implement transformational change. 

We work with mining companies, METS, industry bodies, governments, entrepreneurs, research and education organisations and businesses that intersect with the global resources sector. 


our team


Brett Cunningham

Management Director


Dominic Stoll

General Manager

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Case Study

During one of our in-house programs, a participant increased the anode mould life on his cast wheel by more than 300% to become the benchmark within his global mining company.

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