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Key details

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Location: Brisbane

Who should attend: Are you responsible for building, keeping, and deploying your company’s high value technical know-how? This program is suitable for Production, Technical, Project and Human Resource Managers, Superintendents and Professionals.

Program fee: The fee is $1950 +GST per participant. Travel, accommodation and incidentals excluded.

program overview

Rapid expansion and contraction cycles are a predictable feature of minerals and energy production. As workers exit key roles in downturns, knowledge gaps occur. Gaps in critical knowledge then compromise the next scale up or upturn (with negative impact on time, quality, and production value/realisation). Therefore, it’s likely that you are at risk of losing critical, hard to replace knowledge. Knowledge loss occurs when staff retire, leave projects, or move to other roles. Knowledge is lost because key knowledge is known to only a few, and not captured in policies, processes, rules and practices. This two-day, hands-on program for the minerals and energy sector provides proven practical processes to identify, keep, and benefit from your most important knowledge, across boom-bust cycles and periods of industry disruption.

program objectives

  • Identify knowledge that is critical to strategy and business continuity

  • Identify and risk rate knowledge in people, roles, teams, functions and locations

  • Specify what personally held knowledge is essential to retain and sustain; and implement proven knowledge transfer and retention techniques

  • Know how to convert the learning that occurs in projects and activities into company value

Benefits for the organisation

  • Anticipate and plan development of new knowledge sets of increasing importance to the company

  • Development of knowledge retention strategy to ensure access to your companies high-impact facts, information and skills is maintained

  • Implementation of real-world knowledge transfer, retention and growth methods for measurable impact on your company, across cycles

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