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Key details

Applications close: 25th Jan 2019
Ignition: 8th Feb - 6th Mar 2019 Co-lab 1: 1: 11th - 15th Mar 2019
Co-lab 2: 26th - 30th Aug 2019 Location: Brisbane

Who should attend: Experienced operational and technical leaders who have the potential to move into a general management position.

Program fee: AU$14,950 + GST per participant. Travel, accommodation and incidentals excluded.

program overview

OPTIMSE is a practical program which leverages deep capability assessment to build future-ready leaders who can optimise today’s operations and manage tomorrow’s challenges. To strengthen the leadership pipeline to the General Manager level, OPTIMISE has been designed to build future ready leaders with the capabilities to optimise today’s operations and respond to future challenges.

program objectives

This 6-month program is designed to:

  • Build global leadership and business capabilities;

  • Accelerate the transition into general management and senior leadership roles;

  • Optimise today’s operations and respond to future business needs.

Benefits for the organisation

For Participants

  • Capabilities and mindset to optimise today’s operational performance and respond to future business needs;

  • Transition from technical manager (IQ) to a high performance business leader (EQ);

  • Proactively lead optimisation projects and transformational change; and

  • Ability to influence and effectively communicate across teams and departments to drive productivity and value creating behaviour - safely. 

For Operations and the Organisation

  • A strong leadership pipeline with the capabilities to drive portfolio growth and performance;

  • Future ready leaders able to execute strategic, life of mine and risk management plans;

  • Leaders with the behaviours to sustain operational and financial discipline through resource cycles; and

  • Ownership and accountability for operational decisions, workforce safety and stakeholder engagement.

next steps