Future Workforce strategy


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program overview

The Future Workforce Strategy Program is an initiative supported by the Minerals Council of Australia to help increase sector competitiveness, workforce innovation, and develop capabilities for the future. When the capabilities to operate successfully in the future are different to those today, how will your organisation manage and adapt to the opportunities and risks of technology, workforce, and sector change? This three-part program provides a facilitated opportunity for senior managers to think strategically and plan for the future workforce of your organisation while addressing issues of today. The FWS Program is designed around four themes of creating purpose, unlocking potential, capabilities of the future, and the collaboration imperative. Through these themes, participants will assess and develop the organisational and individual ability to build and reconfigure internal and external capabilities to respond to rapidly changing external environments, globally and in our sector. Importantly, each participating organisation will develop a strategy map throughout the program to create a future ready workforce.

Key details

Applications close: 8th Feb 2019
Co-lab 1: 28th Feb - 1st Mar 2019
Co-lab 2: 27th - 28th May
Location: Brisbane

Program fee: AU$5,990 +GST per participant.
Travel, accommodation and incidentals excluded.

Who should attend: The program is designed for experienced General Managers, Senior Managers and HR Professionals from mining, energy and METS companies; research, education and training providers; and government.

program objectives

  • Strategically engage with and draw insights into the global trends and workforce drivers shaping the sector to identify key opportunities and risks.

  • Strengthen your sustainable competitive advantage through exploring opportunities for business model and workforce transformation.

  • Identify how to unlock the latent value in your organisation and workforce.

  • Develop a map to strategically and systematically build organisational and workforce capabilities required to transition to the future.

  • Enhance the transformational leadership capabilities and collaborative purpose.

Benefits for the organisation

For Operations and the Organisation

  • Development of a robust and actionable Future Workforce Strategy designed to build the organisational and workforce capabilities to effectively operate today and in the future;

  • Strengthened sustainable competitive advantage through exploring opportunities for business model and workforce transformation;

  • Benchmarked leading practice from around the world and across sectors on how to build organisational and workforce capabilities to future proof your operation, business, or services; and

  • Enhanced transformational leadership capabilities for collaborative purpose.

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