program overview

EMPOWER is designed to accelerate the development of leadership capability in women at all levels, to deliver benefits to each participant, their company, and the resources sector.

Resources is a key economic sector for Australia and its ongoing success in an increasingly competitive global environment requires the sector to attract and retain talent which can shape the sector for future success. As the resources sector struggles to retain older employees and attract new talent, women offer a strong potential growth talent pool. Women have comparative strengths in the Holistic, Agile, and Collaborative leadership capabilities needed to optimise inclusion and diversity and ensure success now and into the future.

Key details

Applications close: 9th Nov 2018
Ignition: 13th - 22nd Nov 2018 Co-lab 1: 26 - 27th Nov 2018
Co-lab 2: 7 - 8th Feb 2019
Co-lab 3: 25 - 26th Mar 2019
Location: Brisbane

KEY DATES - 2019 PROGRAM Applications close: 14th June 2019
Ignition: 28th Jun - 24th Jul 2019
Co-lab 1: 29 - 30th Jul 2019
Co-lab 2: 12 - 13th Sep 2019
Co-lab 3: 26 - 27th Nov 2019
Location: Brisbane

Program fee: AU$6,950 + GST per participant. Travel, accommodation and incidentals excluded.

Who should attend: Women at all levels from new graduates to general managers in the resources sector will benefit from the program which is designed for a diverse cohort by level, race, age, and work function.

program objectives

  • Identify key leadership challenges and opportunities for women in the resources sector; and develop the capabilities to lead effectively in this context

  • Develop deliberate practice in leadership knowledge, skills, and behaviours to optimise unique leadership strengths and inspire further development

  • Build self-awareness and resilience to operate at peak performance often in the face of strong unconscious bias

  • Grow leadership ambition and confidence

  • Better lead and leverage diversity and communicate with and grow others - men, women, and the next generation

Benefits for the organisation

  • Access and retain a key talent pool of women for leadership success in the increasingly challenging future of mining

  • Build and sustain high performing teams

  • Build a holistic, agile, and collaborative culture

  • Identify and plan to counter unconscious biases in the male dominated resources sector

  • Create a critical pyramid of female role models for women in the sector able to provide a hand-up to others by leveraging the full range of online and face-to-face resources.