About Mining Leadership Institute

We believe leadership is critical to unlocking the true potential of individuals, teams, technology and organisational performance. Our research and portfolio of programs are applied to build transformational systems leaders for today’s and tomorrow’s workforce.

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How ready is your workforce for the future?

Download our latest report on the Future Minerals Workforce Capabilities


Mining Leadership Programs

Future Workforce Strategy Program

  • Developing a customised future workforce strategy for your organisation

Future Workforce Strategy Workshop (MEI2018) →

  • Accelerating the development of organisational and workforce capabilities of the future.

Retaining Our Critical Knowledge

  • Ensuring continuity of critical knowledge when expert and experienced staff leave your organisation

RAMP-UP (Program for Emerging Leaders) →

  • Fast-tracking productivity and performance of the early-career workforce

Leadership Program for Women in Resources

  • Developing a peer-to-peer capability development community for female leaders in mining and energy

Management Acceleration Program

  • Accelerating the transition of high-potential Superintendents to Managers

Accelerating Innovation Adoption

  • Diagnosing and assessing existing absorptive capacity and creating actionable insights that accelerate innovation

International Leaders Program

  • Translating effective leadership across cultures

Resource Leaders Program 

  • Accelerating systems leadership and the transition to General Management

High Performance Executive Team Program 

  • Creating and sustaining a high-performing executive team and organisation

Resources Board Effectiveness Program 

  • Optimising board effectiveness and alignment between the Board and Executive Team  

Supervising for Operational Performance 

  • Driving behavioural led productivity