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Ten years ago, the financial sector, thought by many to be safe from technological innovation because of the strict regulatory environment and high startup costs, has seen significant disruption from FinTech. The mining sector is now where the financial sector was ten-years ago and ripe for disruption. We have clear evidence of this speaking to technology startups entering our Mining Leaders Accelerator program.

Generally, the mining sector has been poor to adopt new technology, sometimes taking decades to institutionalise proven solutions. Rapid innovation adoption is required in the mining sector to meet the challenges of the future. Women are well positioned to accelerate innovation adoption with core capabilities like shared value creation, inclusive leadership, and collaboration. So, the critical question to be answered is how can women accelerate innovation in mining?

     Women In Mining & The Future Of Work is a series of practical workshops for women at all levels in the mining sector to enhance the critical capabilities required for a better mining sector. For companies, the workshop helps with the retention of women in the mining sector.

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1-Day Workshop


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Who is Rosemary Howard?

Rosemary has over 30 years' experience in executive leadership with a focus on technology, business and government. Rosemary was formerly the Executive Director at AGSM and CEO of Telstra Clear, New Zealand.

Who is Brett Cunningham?

Brett leads a research agenda into the future of work in mining and recently delivered the inaugural Future Minerals Workforce Program supported by the Minerals Council of Australia.

Brett works with a range of executive teams and high potential leaders in mining companies, METS and industry bodies in Australia, South America, Asia and Africa focused on driving individual, team and organisational performance.

What does accelerating innovation adoption mean?

Traditionally, the mining sector has been poor at adopting new technology and methods. Sometimes taking decades to institutionalise proven solutions.

Accelerating innovation adoption refers to ways in which the sector can increase the speed of co-creating, testing and institutionalising new technologies and methods.

Who should attend?

Women at all levels in the mining sector that want to enhance their capabilities for the future of work.

When do registrations close?

Registrations close on the 8th of October.

How many 1-day workshops are in the series?

We plan to hold a workshop and cover a different sector critical topic every three months. Future topics include:

-       Retaining our critical knowledge through boom/bust cycles

-       Future workforce strategy

Why are the 1-day workshops only 5 hours?

The workshop has been specifically designed to maximise participation of women with different levels of employment in the mining sector (e.g. not currently working, part-time or full-time)

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at rebecca@miningleaders.com.au