To drive sector competitiveness and the future of mining, we will require new devices, networks, platforms, analytics, and services. Our human capital accelerator aims to revolutionise work by growing new and existing businesses focused on solving people, productivity, and AI challenges of the resources sector.

It unlocks the true potential of our workforce, entrepreneurs, and disruptors in creating new:

  • Services,
  • Ways of working and collaborating,
  • Technology, and
  • Agile ways of solving our sectors greatest challenges.

Have a burning concept? Our Human Capital Accelerator is coming soon. Applicants will need to demonstrate their ability to deliver a working minimum viable product and initial proof of market within 3-6 months with the aim of raising a Series A round of capital within 6-12 months.



Designed to ignite innovation within organisations operating in the mining sector, our in-house Ignite Accelerator combines high potential talent and the executive team in a development process that:

  • Unlocks new ideas,
  • Channels innovations from concept to implementation, and
  • Captures and sustains the value these initiatives create. 

Conducted over six-months, our in-house Ignite Accelerators have helped create tens of millions of dollars in new value and cost reduction. We facilitate the process. Your people ignite innovation and create value.